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have you seen tribals in andaman islands? they are also indians.
they are older indian root even earlier than north indian or south indian
we all have diversified out towards north rise
and we hold our particular culture in each region
try searching jarava tribals on google
try searching kalash tribals of himalayas on google
how do these totally different than indian appearing natives live on indian lands?
we are just intermediate process

i just want to tell that the north indian south indian dispute is bullshit..we are in our place and great in that..there is not even any real fascination of indian or europid..we are all from same roots..
In the dream I saw sleeping in early after noon towards the end sleep, I saw 4 different portal view dreams of different kinds of same people in a fantasy country land of people I find immediate kin. They had a very strange elfish and romantic world and country that I experienced in the dream.

1) I saw a large grass land in a dim day time with short lush green grass everywhere, but it was clowdy, misty and overhung and quite north country cold as in mountain winter, it was chilling and still very muddy and green grass on that left alone continuous ground. It looked like uncultivated farm, and had many trenches of few hands wide and short non continous shallow water filled with rain water, and collidal and muddy with fresh rain.

An Indian north hemispheric couple of my same kind or maybe a little northern pretty kin were in rendezvous there and they were enjoying every moment of the time they found to meet, they were silently in an escape to meet their love on that waste grass land. I saw they were young as in their late teens, and as it was very cold they were wearing very thick pale colour wool sweaters, proper trousers and were fully covered to the cold, but they were taking a liberty to tussle in the natural environment and not considering the decent wear they were in, as if the world had stopped and they just did not care for the decent and spik and span of their rich wear anymore, they were like funny tease wrestlers chasing each other and frolocking and pushing each other on the muddy grass, just for play like grown up children. Something happened and they decided to take their play into one of the muddy water trenches, the young woman was dragging the young man by his shoulders trying to make him float swim half immersed in the muddy water, the guy was enjoying a swim, they were dipped in that muddy water and they were turn by turn dragging each other half immersed in the water, and they did not care the cold drizzling environment. Then the portal story commenced and I saw a lateral close view of the couple, a half filled muddy water trench in a lush green short grass rainy grassland..the water was calm with spits of rain drops tuning on the surface, and a male long fore-leg with a suity pant and grey socks and shiny polished boots was sticking out of the water, and along with was a long pink sweater worn and with a thin golden ladies watch a fair skinned Indic caucasian fore-arm was sticking out of the water surface..both were motionless and were like dead. Something shone was that they were a couple in romantic love that once lived.

2) I went to another portal of the same country and world, it was something like a parallel reality. In another part of the same country, a mountain cliff side forest dwelling, there was a very rustic and large bungalow mansion on the cliff, wood and an old rich style family community of near relatives that had few young sons that were young and sporty. Two late teenage lads were in sweaters and old style cloths of the 1980s and they were on sleek dark horses, they were trotting on their horses on the various nicks and crannies of the rocky mountain cliff, and the horses were not bulky and lazy as would be ground labour horses, those horses were mountain slim horses, and very adept like mountain goats to frolick in small rock racks and to climb up on steep climbs too. Those lads were with their horses on the side of a steep large mountain cliff, and there was an old mansion roofs parallel and connected to the steep of the cliff, an abandoned bungalow, and it was overhung with dry tree twigs and over hung branches of winter shed trees, these lads's horses climbed up the rooftops of that cliff side bungalow trotting, the horses were so adept, and the lads were looking for some game.

3) another portal of the same country, a leader general was planning a border war strategy, he had his fleet and troops settled in that mountain forest border wild land, and they were with binoculours and with army personell inspecting the details of defense and attack. There were army research teams and army planning and guarding there. There were strange war vehicles in the valley and the general was personally analysing the reasearch team's new invention that a young scientist was demonstrating. The scientist lad was chewing some intoxicant leaves, and the army general that wore smart green military wear and metal framed thin spects said to him "you know sir the guys that chew this leaves, they knew nothing, they did nothing"...

4) The final portal was a modern urban agglomeration of buildings in the same country land, it was early morning, not yet sunrise. I was on my bed in my room, half covered in my thin white cloth quilt, we had a different house but still same arrangement as in real life, my parents were asleep in some other room at the far other side of the house, I was half asleep, there was a large paneled window in front of my bed, the lights were off, only dim lights that was still contributed by street lamps was coming to my bed. I raised my head from the pillow and stared ahead out of the window, the day hadnt yet come up, still there was light coming dim, few buildigs ahead on the other side of the street were also awake and were alight with home lights. I saw women and their husbands making preparations for their morning chores, very early morning daily chores, like bathroom and brushing and to and fro half sleep wandering in their houses.

I went to my parents' room, my parents were deep asleep, I shook my father up from sleep, my mother also got awake, I showed them out of their window in the dim light out of the window. The light was dim like some very north latitude that had dim sunlight unlike the days here, and there were a band of gypsy women in gypsy outwear out of the window on the street that were hunddled and making noises and chaos in the morning calm. My parents got up and in the next few hours those gypsies were emlployed at our house for some or other purposes to refuge them temporarily in the country, someone cooked food, someone cured the lawn, someone was gardener etc. And those gypsies every day created portals of magical half reality and life was not clear anymore, life was like a series of inconstant dream sequence that emerged out from one portal to another in various fantasies.


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Artist | Hobbyist | Varied
Current Residence: Bhilai
deviantWEAR sizing preference: Medium-Large
Favourite genre of music: I like all.
Favourite style of art: Anything
Operating System: Windows 7
MP3 player of choice: Winamp
Personal Quote: time goes on..
I have presently only two active deviant profiles that I post my work on..and my only most active profile is only this one..


and New_Ages_Old_Menace

I have deactivated most of my other profiles, perhaps all I guess..those were randomly "towards-a-new-hope" "Digitalart1983" "MissingPetra"

I had made a number of profiles only because Forum was banning me and did not understood my problem..and I wanted to write to Petra..who was not at all replying, rather blocking me everytime..

I only have on my profiles my digital art work and my writings and sketches now..

some days ago only this profile had my normal other profile had a couple of head selfies but I deactivated that and deleted them

I have only ever posted my normal and at least halfly or casually covered face or head to toe cell phone selfies that never had me in any form of totally undressed condition..

I had made the mistake to once post a shirtless pic, mistake because people can edit it to look obscene, but I have never posted any pic of my male nudity..and any such form of aberration from a normal shirtless pic are not my deed..and anyone if doing that is a moron..

My parents and family should have understood and respected by pang for an education and Petra's respect in my heart, they should have done to make me able and educated
and respected my liking
endless twisted ways to de-align me
 I can't explain
how weird
I have never posted my totally nude pic anywhere and never will
once I posted a shirtless pic because I had begun body building myself..thinking Petra will think I was going mad and did something outrageous and return
or I was just Euphoriated, but not so much as any aberration might imply, because those if are lies..

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